The Movement

Karma Experiment movement formed in 2008 on Facebook and rapidly grew to over 1,000,000 members and is in 39 countries with over 540 Karma Officers. Within the first few weeks of the movement, Karma Experiment grew to support the millions of people from around the world seeking to improve our world through renewed support for humanity, animals, environment and their local community by incorporating random acts of kindness into our everyday lives.

Karma Experiment is aninternational kindness community that exists to serve and support the thousands of local organizations and millions of kindness advocates throughout the world. We provide inspirational, motivational, educational, logistical, networking and other support to hundreds of community-based Karma Experiment officers around the world. Karma Experiment's country ambassadors and regional officers serve your local Karma Officers, supporting our members with the tools and technology they need to reach out to their local community, listen to their voices, gather their ideas, and inspire them to be the change, together helping shape the overall direction of our worldwide movement. Working together, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Karma Experiment is 100% volunteer, 100% of the time.

Karma Experiment is made up of, and funded by, millions of regular people made up of all ages, races, religions, beliefs, preferences and political views from all around the world just like you, who have come together united to believe there is a better way forward for the world. The Karma Experiment is a for profit community that is not associated with any specific ages, races, religions, beliefs, preferences or political views. The Karma Experiment is open to anyone that bases themselves on supporting random acts of kindness for humanity, animals, and the environment, we encourage you to sign up for Karma Experiment today.

Our Mission

The Karma Experiment’ mission is to motivate people from around the world to inspire others by doing a Random Act of Kindness and leaving a positive, lasting impression on the people around us..

Our Core Principles

To show people, through a random act of kindness, that there is love and hope in the world. We may think that we are just one person in the world, but to one person, at one time, we are the world.

No Matter what age, race, religion, belief, preference or political view. We can come together united from around the world and make a positive difference and making a decision to be the positive change to the people around you. Together, we can all make the POSITIVE CHANGE for OUR FUTURE AND THE WORLD

So why the Karma Experiment?

To show people, through a random act of kindness, that there is love and hope in the world. We may think that we are just one person in the world, but to one person, at one time, we are the world.

The Karma Experiment serves as a daily reminder to always look for opportunities to help others and make a difference by bringing the positive changes that we want for our future and the world we live in. Remember that each moment of each day has an opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression that can CHANGE THE LIVES OF OTHERS AND THE WORLD.

Message from Jeremy Brown (Co-Founder)

The Karma Experiment was created when many people around the world were experiencing tough economic times. We wanted a place where people could come together and "Pay it Forward" by doing Random Acts of Kindness for people they came into contact with everyday without excepting anything in return. I personally challenge every individual to look for opportunities to Pay it Forward in their daily lives, learn from the members of the Karma Experiment and apply the knowledge you’ve learned to your everyday life. Remember that the most powerful force in the universe is the power of love and hope. It is the greatest gift that anyone can give to a fellow human being.

Message from Adrianne Schmidt (Co – Founder)

Welcome to the Karma Experiment! We are so happy that you stopped by. The Karma Experiment is a place where we can all inspire each other and make a difference in the lives of others—be it a person, one of our animal friends or the world in general. Altogether, our individual acts can create the world we wish to live in, we can choose to embody that change every moment of every single day to make an impact to other living beings on our beautiful planet. TAKE ACTION by planning events in your community and getting out there to make a difference. I empower you to take each interactive moment where you can to make a difference, big or small, to a person, animal or our earth. Be the Change.

Join the Karma Experiment and Change the world in your own way!

People are naturally inclined to give when they see a person in need. However, a lot of us get caught up in the hustle and bustle of our everyday life and forget that we should always look for opportunities to help others and make a difference.

Thank you for visiting the Karma Experiment and Become a Kindness Advocate Today, because none of this would happen if it weren’t for you and your generosity.