Get Involved

Become a Karma Officer and Make the World a Better Place!

Help us get the Karma Experiment movement out to every community worldwide. We ask anyone who
wishes to get involved with the Karma Experiment in his or her local community to feel free to get involved
and together, we can make the world a better place.

Join our Karma Family… We are looking for Karma Officers in every location (town/city) around the world!
Join the Karma Experiment and promote change in your community by choosing to Take Action and
Inspire others around you.

Individuals who are interested in becoming Karma Officers can sign up using this form. All Karma Officers
are required to set up and maintain a Karma Experiment account as well as a Skype account. We will
contact you within 72 hours regarding meeting schedules, events, support, and any new ideas that you
might want to bring to your local community.

It takes all of us working together to create the world we wish to live in by taking Action Everyday and
preforming Random Acts of Kindness! 

Thank you for getting involved with the Karma Experiment because none of this would happen if it
weren't for you.